**All audio related to this project was dubbed and restored by Frankster at Digi Spells Media, Sydney, June 20th to August 6th 2021. To enable the use of the airchecks intact and not in scoped form, they are presented here for promotional and entertainment purposes only. My thanks to all networks involved, and to David who supplied all the tapes for us to work on and restore.

3MP Afternoons with Dave Barnett – November 7th 1979
Dur: 44’45”, Mono, 20.9 MB
Audio credit: Ace Radio

**My thanks to SydneyCityTV once again for updating the broadcast date of this one. Of course it was 2000! I misinterpreted the tape’s label thinking it was 1998. Cheers buddy!

2WS with Dave Rogerson – November 4th 2000
Dur: 79’40”, Stereo, 56.1 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**SydneyCityTV has come through again filling in the broadcast date for this one. January 14th 1985. Thanks again bud!

2AY with Dave Rogerson – January 14th 1985
Dur: 87’25”, Mono, 40.9 MB
Audio credit: Ace Radio

2UE with Bob Rogers – October 18th 1982
Dur: 62’09”, Mono, 29.4 MB
Audio credit: Nine Radio

BR interviews BR (Bruce Rogerson interviews Bob Rogers)
Dur: 23’45”, Mono, 11.1 MB
Audio credit: Bruce Rogerson/Dave Rogerson/Bob Rogers

**Bruce Rogerson is Dave Rogerson’s father

…and for the last tape for the year, I thought we’d make it a blooper reel!

Radio Bloopers Tape and Actuality
Dur: 7’51”, Stereo, 5.5 MB
Audio credit: Various Networks