To start things off this week a bit of an update in terms of broadcast dates from previous updates with much thanks and

appreciation to:

Wayne Mac informs us the Dave D Whitcomb aircheck in last week’s update is 1984, with the 6KY Ron O’Neill and Eion Cameron airchecks are from 1985. Thanks heaps Wayne!

SydneyCityTV informs us that same Dave D aircheck is February 21st 1986 – so we’ll keep both dates filed. Sydney also informs us the 2WS aircheck featured in the October 1 update is also from February 21st 1986 but a little earlier in the afternoon. He also tells us that the Triple M and 2CH AM Stereo airchecks featured earlier this month is from June 24th 1984 for the Triple M cut, and June 23rd 1984 for the 2CH cut. Thanks maaaaaaate!

Trent Geddes says the 2AY tape featured in the November 5 update has also Frank Davidson in the first part, who had quite a long stint at 2AY before he moved to Warrnambool.

Also from this week onwards, we’ve increased the airchecks from 5 to 6 simply due to the amount of material we’d like to get through before Christmas lands. Enjoy!


**All audio related to this project was dubbed and restored by Frankster at Digi Spells Media, Sydney, June 20th to August 6th 2021. To enable the use of the airchecks intact and not in scoped form, they are presented here for promotional and entertainment purposes only. My thanks to all networks involved, and to David who supplied all the tapes for us to work on and restore.

5KA Breakfast with John Vincent – May 9th 1977 (2UW tape 6050)
Dur: 31’09”, Mono, 14.6 MB
Audio credit: SCA

2AY Drive with Steve Mummery – November 26th 1984
Dur: 29’50”, Mono, 13.9 MB
Audio credit: Ace Radio

2AY Mornings with Frank Davidson – November 27th 1984
Dur: 29’56”, Mono, 14.3 MB
Audio credit: Ace Radio

2UW Mornings with Pete Rudder
Dur: 44’19”, Mono, 20.7 MB
Audio credit: ARN

2GB with John Laws
Dur: 44’28”, Mono, 20.8 MB
Audio credit: Macquarie Radio Network

6KY Drive with Tom Needle
Dur: 61’45”, Stereo, 43.4 MB
Audio credit: SCA