2SM Hoadley’s Battle Of The Sounds, Horden Pavilion Sydney, August 31st 1980 – Charlie Fox
Dur: 73’02”, 2-track unmixed, 68.4 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
Tape: Ampex 406
**Note: This tape proclaimed to be 4 track, but on a 4 track machine was found to only have 2 tracks active – the other 2 tracks were unrecorded. A note with the tape reads “Geoff, these are the 4 track recordings of Battle Of The Sounds. Howard from Jands said as there was no soundcheck, the first one would be a bit shaky, but he has tuned for seperate tracks on the rest – Margie”.
**Note: As we have found usable signal on 2 of the tapes available 4 tracks, it’s presented here in its’ entirety.

2CA Electric Ballroom and Airwaves spot reel
Dur: 1’55”, Mono, 639 KB

Audio credit: North Ryde RSL/2CA
1. North Ryde RSL Electric Ballroom (full mix)
2. North Ryde RSL Electric Ballroom (vocal track)
3-8 inclusive: Airwaves ID’s x6

2KO: “The Big Steve Show” promos and idents reel
Dur: 12’50”, Stereo, 12 MB

Audio credit: SCA
**Tape contains 40 promos and idents

2MO Christmas Messages reel
Dur: 3’31”, Mono, 1.6 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
Includes christmas messages from Johnny Young, Marty Rhone, Noeline Batley, Ray Brown, Mike Furber, Judy Stone, Sandy Scott, Col Joye, Reg Lindsay and Johnny Rebb

2SM Aircheck 1977 – Ron E Sparks
Dur: 16’48”, Mono, 7.8 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG

2KO/2UE Jingles
Dur: 4’41”, Mono, 2.2 MB

Audio credit: SCA/Nine Radio

2KO Aircheck with Phil Hunter – February 3rd 1967
Dur: 8’01”, Mono, 3.7 MB

Audio credit: SCA

2KO Singing Clocks tape
Dur: 1’23”, Mono, 650 KB

Audio credit: SCA

2SM Aircheck December 1977 – Ron E Sparks
Dur: 11’11”, Mono, 5.2 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG

2SM Aircheck 1968 – Geoff Haynes
Dur: 3’41”, Mono, 1.7 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
**Note: Mentions are made of a new show on Channel 10 called “Surfside Ten”. Also contains various static crashes throughout, may be the result of lightning being in the vicinity when the recording was made.