With the proliferation of the NBN over at my place (and probably finally too, I think we were among the last in Sydney to get it available), it now means I can upload more content and certainly at a much faster rate. I had been on ADSL all that time and the change to the NBN has been amazing. So as well as increasing the audio clips available each update, we’re also increasing the video. All videos are 480 x 376 in MP4 format.

Cut 1 – Dur: 5’09”, 31.0 MB, Mono
a) Channel 10 Promos: Magnum, Perfect Match
b) Channel 10 1984 sports opener
c) Channel 7 wednesday night movie opener
d) Channel 9 2002 ident “Weapon of choice” (Stereo)
e) Channel 9 Promo: Sale Of The Century with Tony Barber and Alyce Platt
f) Channel 9 Wide World of Sports opener 1982/1983
g) VFL Grand Final 1987: Daryl Somers sings “Waltzing Matilda”
h) Channel 9 1980’s ident
i) National Panasonic station tag “Consumer Electronics”

Cut 2 – Dur: 11’34”, 56.7 MB, Mono
a) Galaxy Pay-TV: Showtime movie opener 1996
b) Tattslotto midweek draw closer
c) 10 ID: “You’re home on ten”
d) 10 ID Olympics ’84
e) Galaxy Pay-TV: The Comedy Channel launch June 1st 1996
f) Galaxy-Pay TV: The Comedy Channel MA program warning
g) The Ray Martin Show: Interview with The Corrs 2001 edit
h) TVC: Advance Bank
i) TVC: Bristol Paints with Totti Goldsmith
j) TVC: Carefree Panty Shields

Cut 3 – Dur: 5’09”, 27.2 MB, Mono
a) Christina Davis for Planet Ark mobile phone recycling
b) Coke Is It! John Farnham campaign
c) Colgate Flouriguard with Mrs Marsh (scientist in lab)
d) Derryn Hinch for 3AW
e) Dynamo laundry liquid
f) ETA Mayonnaise
g) Food Plus stores
h) Ford Sportka
i) Fuji Film
j) Gilette Blue II shavers