A milestone in anyone’s language!

Tomorrow morning at 8.10am, June 1st 1993, after 15 years on 1224 AM, 2WS converted to the FM band at 101.7 FM – and tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of this event!

From that ol’ triangular array out at Prospect, through to the shiny new transmitter and associated equipment at Artarmon, this ol’ girl is still pumping out the hits and memories as WS-FM – and come November 23rd this year, they will be celebrating 45 years on air.

So I thought I’d put up a compile track I made some time ago.

This contains the various loop announcements on the FM side, what was going on on the AM side in the leadup to June 1st, the special broadcast by Hans ‘n’ Kayley that morning, a retrospective of the first 15 years of 2WS, and then finally the AM to FM changeover.

Audio credit for all tracks lies with ARN.

2WS 1224 –> 2WS FM 101.7: June 1st 1993, 8.10am AEST
Dur: 22’06”, Mono/Stereo, 27.3 MB approx