5AD Sounds Like Summer ID’s – November 11th 1975
Dur: 18’30”, Mono, 8.4 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD/TM Singers: Rhythm Of The City jingle tape
Dur: 3’45”, Stereo, 3.4 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**This tape seems to have a weird issue with phasing. How you hear it here is how it was recorded.

5KA Life Audiovisual
Dur: 9’30”, Mono, 4.3 MB
Audio credit:

**I’ve removed the sync tones from the other channel.

5KA Singing ID’s tape “and other assorted goodies” 1959-1961
Dur: 10’55”, Mono, 4.9 MB
Audio credit:

Interview with Adelaide radio man Jack Hume
Dur: 58’55”, Mono, 26.8 MB
Audio credit: (unknown)

5AD 1959 Jingles
Dur: 8’26”, Mono, 3.8 MB
Audio credit: ARN