Sad news to wake up to this morning and we’ve lost another radio guy overnight. Doug Mulray, aka Uncle Doug, The Reverend Doctor Doug, has passed away at 71 years of age.

..and here’s some of Uncle Doug’s audio (I hope EMI/OZ Records won’t mind me taking some material off the albums below). Video material will follow later in the day.

Triple M (with Mark Warren)

Dur: 2’35”, 3.2 MB, Stereo

2WS 1999 (thanks to David Rogerson)

Dur: 1 hr 29 min approx, 103.9 MB, Stereo

With thanks to EMI/OZ Records, some material from What A Rude Album and 2 Rude

Anti-Ads No. 1 (with Ken Sterling)

Dur: 2’04”, Stereo, 4.2 MB

I’m A Punk

Dur: 3’02”, Stereo, 6.3 MB

The Two Lens

Dur: 0’50”, Stereo, 1.1 MB

Hooley Dooley (with The Bray Boys)

Dur: 2’58”, Stereo, 4.9 MB


Dur: 1’05”, Stereo, 2.2 MB

Anti Ads No. 2

Dur: 2’17”, Stereo, 3.5 MB

Single: You Are Soul
(courtesy Raw Prawn)

Dur: 3’05”, Stereo, 6.3 MB