**Aircheck audio supplied by David Rogerson and Dave D Whitcomb

Here are the September dubs from the Dave Rogerson collection! This collection is relatively smaller than the last couple, so I’m combining other audio with them. Each week we’ll have two from the Dave Rogerson collection, two from the Dave D Whitcomb collection (ex-2WS, 4KQ and others), and then two tapes from a collection of reels discovered in a storage area in 2003 that once belonged to 2UW Sydney.

David Rogerson Collection

4SS: Last half hour – December 31st 1994
Dur: 33’27”, Stereo, 23.4 MB
Audio credit: Great Southern Land Media Group

Mix 93 FM: First 20 minutes – January 1st 1995
Dur: 23’00”, Stereo, 16.1 MB
Audio credit: Great Southern Land Media Group

Dave D Whitcomb Collection

200 Afternoons (circa 1979-1980)
Dur: 1 hr 32 min, Mono, 65 MB
Audio credit: Win Corp

2UW Breakfast – May 13th 1977
Dur: 61’35”, Mono, 43.2 MB
Audio credit: ARN

2UW Master 1/4″ Reels

2UW Promo Master #2
Dur: 20’32”, Mono, 28.8 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**No cuesheet for this reel but it mostly consists of various versions and mixes for the 2UW Supaloo competition

2UW Promo Master #57 – Recorded June 16th to July 7th 1986
Dur: 30’03”, Stereo, 42.1 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**Cuesheet here