**All audio related to this project was dubbed and restored by Frankster here at the archive, Sydney, April 2022. To enable the use of the airchecks intact, they are provided here for promotional and entertainment purposes only. Thankyou to David Rogerson once again for supplying all material for us to work on and restore.

2UW – Bazz and Pilko – 1985
Dur: 63’47”, Mono, 29.7 MB
Audio credit: ARN

2UW Sunday Afternoon, July 4th 1982
Dur: 59’57”, Mono, 27.9 MB
Audio credit: ARN

2UW “Mourn-ing” – January 7th 1986
Dur: 31’46”, Mono, 14.7 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**We’re not sure why this tape is called the 2UW ‘mourn-ing’…

2WS Breakfast – January 7th 1986
Dur: 31’42”, Mono, 15.1 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Sea-FM with Graeme Rodgers – September 19th 1989, 2.45pm onwards
Dur: 1 hr 24 min approx, Stereo, 58.9 MB
Audio credit: SCA

7LA with Steve Mummery – 1984
Dur: 1 hr 30 min, Mono, 41.9 MB
Audio credit: ARN