**G’day viewers! (as a certain TV host once said!) Please note this update is a little early due to Ausgrid works taking place in the area on both Thursday August 18th and Friday August 19th which will result in power cuts during business hours both days.


**All audio related to this project was dubbed and restored by Frankster at Digi Spells Media, Sydney in 2020 and 2021. This audio is provided for promotional and entertainment purposes only. Thankyou to James Sparkes for supplying all material for us to work on and restore.

**This update completes the Ken Sparkes collection! Next week’s update, we commence our next round of Australian radio airchecks.

AAV Australia – Lee Conway Album 1975 radio spot – 1975
Dur: 1’20”, Mono, 629 KB
Audio credit: AAV Australia/Image Records

Ken Sparkes Demo Tapes May 1978 – Jetset Tours/Badedas
Dur: 1’06”, Mono, 516 KB
Audio credit: Madrigal Sound Recording Sydney

2WS Rock Around The World jingles tape 1981
Dur: 1’47”, Stereo, 1.2 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Life Be In It – 2x 30 sec radio spots – March 11th 1980
Dur: 2’05”, Mono, 973 KB
Audio credit: Allan Eaton Sound Recording Studios Pty Ltd

Liv Maessen audio grab for Ken Sparkes
Dur: 0’38”, Mono, 296 KB
Audio credit: Bill Armstrong Pty Ltd

2WS: Ken Sparkes interviews Melissa McConnell of KYA San Francisco
Dur: 4’40”, Mono, 2.1 MB
Audio credit: ARN