**All audio related to this project was dubbed and restored by Frankster at Digi Spells Media, Sydney in 2020 and 2021. This audio is provided for promotional and entertainment purposes only. Thankyou to James Sparkes for supplying all material for us to work on and restore.

David & John Recordings: Army Reserve 30 second radio spot release dub – November 23rd 1981
Dur: 1’03”, Mono, 494 KB
Audio credit: D&J Recordings

**Another in the series of Army Reserve radio spots here recorded by David & John Recordings.

Ken Sparkes: July 1975 demo tape
Dur: 7’01”, Mono, 3.2 MB
Audio credit: W&G Sound Studios/KJS Enterprises

**This is one of many of Ken’s demo tapes, this particular one recorded in July 1975 and produced by W&G.
1. GMH ‘Makes sense to me’ (football, meat pies, kangaroos and holden cars)
2. TV Week
3. MJB Coffee
4. KFC
5. Peter’s Shazam
6. W&G “Play That Again” album
7. Gloweave AV presentation audio

Ken’s Year Intros
Dur: 4’06”, Stereo, 2.8 MB
Audio credit: KJS Enterprises

**A tape for Ken’s use involving year intro’s – the end seems to be a sponsor testimonial leftover from a previous recording

Ken Sparkes: Netcom Motor Racing & Equipment track for AV presentation
Dur: 4’05”, Mono, 1.9 MB
Audio credit: KJS Enterprises

Bill Armstrong Pty Ltd: Travellers Slacks release dub – June 2nd 1972
Dur: 1’40”, Mono, 783 KB
Audio credit: Bill Armstrong/KJS Enterprises

1. Full jingle no voiceover
2. Mix version A
3. Mix version B

2SM Sport Cuts
Dur: 10’26”, Mono, 4.8 MB
Audio credit: SRN/BOG/Steve Murphy Productions

**From 6:02 to the end is a raw recording session which was leftover from a previous recording