**All audio related to this project was dubbed and restored by Frankster at Digi Spells Media, Sydney in 2020 and 2021. This audio is provided for promotional and entertainment purposes only. Thankyou to James Sparkes for supplying all material for us to work on and restore.

3UZ Program Material – January 1978
Dur: 32’29”, Mono, 15.2 MB
Audio credit: Racing Victoria Limited Harness (3UZ Pty Ltd)

3UZ ‘Roughs’ tape by Ken Sparkes
Dur: 27’44”, Mono, 13.0 MB
Audio credit: KJS Enterprises

2WS Rock Around The World/Sparkes On Sunday 1981 work tape
Dur: 33’04”, Mono, 15.2 MB
Audio credit: ARN

1. Ken Sparkes interviews The Village People 30/3/81
2. Ken Sparkes interviews Greedy Smith (part) 1981
3. Ken Sparkes interviews David Hayes from RCA Records
4. Ken Sparkes interviews John Williams
5. Ken Sparkes interviews Hilry Malik from Astor Records
6. Ken Sparkes interviews David Jarrett from WEA Records
7. Ken Sparkes interviews David Baxter
8. Ken Sparkes interviews Daryl Somers

2WS Rock Around The World work tape – August 8th 1981
Dur: 10’00”, Mono, 4.6 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Contains audio from Gary Hoffman (2WS’s music director at the time)

2WS Rock Around The World interviews and bits
Dur: 28’24”, Mono, 13.3 MB
Audio credit: ARN

1. Air Supply/Russell Hitchcock short interview
2. Roy Clark track and pre-announce
3. Papa oom mow mow
4. Ken Sparkes v/o’s (voyager, many takes)
5. Country Crossover – sweep & V/O
6. Ron Tudor ID’s
7. Ron Tudor interview
8. Various interview bits cut together

9 Audio Sweetening: Ken Sparkes jetski v/o
Dur: 3’44”, Mono, 1.7 MB
Audio credit: Nine Entertainment/KJS