It seems we have quite a few corrections to make from our latest airchecks update dated 04/02/2022 – my thanks to SydneyCityTV for coming through with these.

* The 2UE/John Pearce audio is actually from Thursday June 18th 1981
* The 2AY tape with the March 1988 broadcast date is actually Friday January 11th 1985
* 2AY November 1982 is really Monday September 26th 1983

Two updates and one interesting correction to make from the Airchecks Update of 28/01/2022:

* 2UW with Andy Reid: Now added Monday June 12th 1978 as it’s tx date
* 2OO with Dave Rogerson: Now added Tuesday December 4th 1979 as it’s tx date
* 2AY with Rebecca Gorman from Sunday 3rd January 1985 **has actually been recorded over** – the audio is actually Steve Mummery from Wednesday February 13th 1985!