Starting this week, along with the audio, I’ll also start uploading our commercials collection! This particular collection is absolutely huge, and granted, there may be some duplication throughout but we’ll keep those out to make things easier. My heartfelt thanks to someone that doesn’t want to be named, who has very generously provided 181 hours of classic commercials, TV network ID’s and promos, along with many other bits and pieces! You also may find some commercials here that are reproduced on other sites, and we make no apologies for putting our own copies up – because you are an archivist it doesn’t make you exclusive to the world wide web at large. So here’s our first compile from this collection, and it features these videos! All tracks are from 1985:

1. Adriatic Furniture
2. Steam Rollers
3. Southern Heating
4. Pool Blanket Factory
5. New Oakleigh Motors Ford with Sandy Roberts
6. Cafe Bar
7. The Fussy Furniture Fella
8. Cafe Bar
9. NSW Tourism Commission
10. Televend – Durasteel

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Video Duration: 6’15”, MP4, 184 MB, Mono