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A milestone in anyone’s language!

Tomorrow morning at 8.10am, June 1st 1993, after 15 years on 1224 AM, 2WS converted to the FM band at 101.7 FM – and tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of this event!

From that ol’ triangular array out at Prospect, through to the shiny new transmitter and associated equipment at Artarmon, this ol’ girl is still pumping out the hits and memories as WS-FM – and come November 23rd this year, they will be celebrating 45 years on air.

So I thought I’d put up a compile track I made some time ago.

This contains the various loop announcements on the FM side, what was going on on the AM side in the leadup to June 1st, the special broadcast by Hans ‘n’ Kayley that morning, a retrospective of the first 15 years of 2WS, and then finally the AM to FM changeover.

Audio credit for all tracks lies with ARN.

2WS 1224 –> 2WS FM 101.7: June 1st 1993, 8.10am AEST
Dur: 22’06”, Mono/Stereo, 27.3 MB approx

5AD: Cigarette Commercials spot reel – December 26th 1979
Dur: 7’28”, Mono, 3.5 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD: Dr Hook in Special – Reel 1
Dur: 39’03”, Mono, 18.2 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD: Kids/More Music 60″ Promo – June 11th 1975
Dur: 1’26”, Mono, 673 KB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD: Rocktober Jingles
Dur: 2’25”, Mono,
Audio credit: ARN

5DN: 1987 News Pointers – 20 tracks
Dur: 5’49”, Mono, 2.7 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5KA: Standby Tape – May 17th 1984
Dur: 38’54”, Mono, 18.1 MB
Audio credit: SCA

4BK airchecks tape 1, June 1974 – Wayne Roberts, David Price, Phil Hunt
Dur: 20’04”, Mono, 9.1 MB
Audio credit: SCA

4BK airchecks tape 2, June 1974 – Pete Rudder, Rick Grantley
Dur: 24’30”, Mono, 11.4 MB
Audio credit: SCA

5AA “Adelaide Is” spot reel – May 11th 1977 (recorded at 2CH) – 40x 20 sec
Dur: 18’50”, Mono, 8.2 MB
Audio credit: AWA Limited

5AA: The SA Story with Colin Theile – Eps 166 to 200
Dur: 35’19”, Mono, 16.0 MB
Audio credit: Nova Entertainment

5AA: The SA Story with Colin Theile – Eps 433 to 460
Dur: 38’54”, Mono, 17.7 MB
Audio credit: Nova Entertainment

5AD 1970 AFL Grand Final
Dur: 58’41”, Mono, 26.7 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD Sounds Like Summer ID’s – November 11th 1975
Dur: 18’30”, Mono, 8.4 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD/TM Singers: Rhythm Of The City jingle tape
Dur: 3’45”, Stereo, 3.4 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**This tape seems to have a weird issue with phasing. How you hear it here is how it was recorded.

5KA Life Audiovisual
Dur: 9’30”, Mono, 4.3 MB
Audio credit:

**I’ve removed the sync tones from the other channel.

5KA Singing ID’s tape “and other assorted goodies” 1959-1961
Dur: 10’55”, Mono, 4.9 MB
Audio credit:

Interview with Adelaide radio man Jack Hume
Dur: 58’55”, Mono, 26.8 MB
Audio credit: (unknown)

5AD 1959 Jingles
Dur: 8’26”, Mono, 3.8 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Audio Update 30/04/2023

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5AA News themes Stuart Jay – November 8th 1977
Dur: 2’19”, Mono, 1.0 MB
Audio credit: Nova Entertainment

5AD Coke 1976-1977 promo activity reel
Dur: 22’08”, Mono, 15.5 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD Jingles reel 1978 “Disco Versions” with Doug Parkinson
Dur: 9’26”, Mono, 6.8 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD log tape – April 25th 1972
Dur: 2 hr 23 min, Mono, 97.2 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**NB: Quality of this tape is a bit lacking as it was 1 7/8 IPS**

5AD Moog Logos x2 – August 2nd 1976
Dur: 0’56”, Mono, 665 KB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD Jingles – PAMS Series 31
Dur: 14’28”, Mono, 11.1 MB
Audio credit: ARN

RIP Doug Mulray

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Sad news to wake up to this morning and we’ve lost another radio guy overnight. Doug Mulray, aka Uncle Doug, The Reverend Doctor Doug, has passed away at 71 years of age.

..and here’s some of Uncle Doug’s audio (I hope EMI/OZ Records won’t mind me taking some material off the albums below). Video material will follow later in the day.

Triple M (with Mark Warren)

Dur: 2’35”, 3.2 MB, Stereo

2WS 1999 (thanks to David Rogerson)

Dur: 1 hr 29 min approx, 103.9 MB, Stereo

With thanks to EMI/OZ Records, some material from What A Rude Album and 2 Rude

Anti-Ads No. 1 (with Ken Sterling)

Dur: 2’04”, Stereo, 4.2 MB

I’m A Punk

Dur: 3’02”, Stereo, 6.3 MB

The Two Lens

Dur: 0’50”, Stereo, 1.1 MB

Hooley Dooley (with The Bray Boys)

Dur: 2’58”, Stereo, 4.9 MB


Dur: 1’05”, Stereo, 2.2 MB

Anti Ads No. 2

Dur: 2’17”, Stereo, 3.5 MB

Single: You Are Soul
(courtesy Raw Prawn)

Dur: 3’05”, Stereo, 6.3 MB

RIP Mike Drayson

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We’ve lost Mike Drayson overnight folks. Terrible news. News of this started coming through around 9pm-ish but it was unconfirmed then – it didn’t take long for confirmation to also come through though.

What an absolute bummer. One of the good blokes of the industry who recently picked up where he left off on 99.3 FM Sydney (Northside Radio). We’ve been through the vault and here are four audio pieces of Mike.

The first two are airchecks from 5AD from February 1973 recorded a few days apart (with thanks to my good mate Les Cook – tapes are a little worn but we still managed to get some signal out of them), and following that, two reels recorded in December 1989 two weeks apart containing voiceovers by Mike for KA-FM.

5AD with Mike Drayson – February 22nd 1973
Dur: 30’33”, Mono, 42 MB
Audio credit: ARN

5AD with Mike Drayson – February 26th 1973
Dur: 30’28”, Mono, 42 MB
Audio credit: ARN

KA-FM voiceovers Reel 1 of 2 with Mike Drayson – December 6th 1989
Dur: 5’04”, Mono, 11.9 MB
Audio credit: SCA

KA-FM voiceovers Reel 2 of 2 with Mike Drayson – December 18th 1989
Dur: 10’13”, Mono, 23.4 MB
Audio credit: SCA

Monday saw news published by Radioinfo that Steve Mummery was heading back to SCA in his new role of Content Strategy Manager, based in Perth.

To go along with the story I thought it’d be fun to put up a couple of Steve’s airchecks to go along with the story. Both of these are from 1984.

2AY Drive – November 26th 1984
Dur: 29’50”, 68.2 MB, Mono
Audio credit: Ace Radio

7LA – 1984
Dur: 1 hr 30 min approx, 206 MB, Stereo
Audio credit: ARN

Video Update 03/02/2023

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Commercials Compile 1978
Dur: 5’53”, Mono, 65.4 MB, MP4
This compile contains the following tracks:

1. Superlook bras ‘n’ panties (0:30)
2. Lindemans Wines ‘you make us smile dr lindeman’ no voiceover (0:29)
3. Whiskas ‘cats keep comin’ back for whiskas’ (0:30)
4. Pure & Simple cooking sprays (0:30)
5. 9 ID ‘still the one’ Fantasy Island promo mix (0:17)
6. 9 ID ‘still the one’ Fantasy Island promo mix and Friday Night Movie opener (0:31)
7. House Of Merivale mr john (1:00)
8. McDonalds Lunch ‘we’ve got it all for you’ (1:00)
9. Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid (0:31)
10. Philips Food Processors (0:30)

Airchecks Update 03/02/2023

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**Aircheck audio supplied by David Rogerson and Dave D Whitcomb

Here are the September dubs from the Dave Rogerson collection! This collection is relatively smaller than the last couple, so I’m combining other audio with them. Each week we’ll have two from the Dave Rogerson collection, two from the Dave D Whitcomb collection (ex-2WS, 4KQ and others), and then two tapes from a collection of reels discovered in a storage area in 2003 that once belonged to 2UW Sydney.

David Rogerson Collection

4SS: Last half hour – December 31st 1994
Dur: 33’27”, Stereo, 23.4 MB
Audio credit: Great Southern Land Media Group

Mix 93 FM: First 20 minutes – January 1st 1995
Dur: 23’00”, Stereo, 16.1 MB
Audio credit: Great Southern Land Media Group

Dave D Whitcomb Collection

200 Afternoons (circa 1979-1980)
Dur: 1 hr 32 min, Mono, 65 MB
Audio credit: Win Corp

2UW Breakfast – May 13th 1977
Dur: 61’35”, Mono, 43.2 MB
Audio credit: ARN

2UW Master 1/4″ Reels

2UW Promo Master #2
Dur: 20’32”, Mono, 28.8 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**No cuesheet for this reel but it mostly consists of various versions and mixes for the 2UW Supaloo competition

2UW Promo Master #57 – Recorded June 16th to July 7th 1986
Dur: 30’03”, Stereo, 42.1 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**Cuesheet here