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A milestone in anyone’s language! Tomorrow morning at 8.10am, June 1st 1993, after 15 years on 1224 AM, 2WS converted to the FM band at 101.7 FM – and tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of this event! From that ol’ triangular array out at Prospect, through to the shiny new transmitter and associated equipment at […]

5AD: Cigarette Commercials spot reel – December 26th 1979 Dur: 7’28”, Mono, 3.5 MB Audio credit: ARN 5AD: Dr Hook in Special – Reel 1 Dur: 39’03”, Mono, 18.2 MB Audio credit: ARN 5AD: Kids/More Music 60″ Promo – June 11th 1975 Dur: 1’26”, Mono, 673 KB Audio credit: ARN 5AD: Rocktober Jingles Dur: 2’25”, […]

4BK airchecks tape 1, June 1974 – Wayne Roberts, David Price, Phil Hunt Dur: 20’04”, Mono, 9.1 MB Audio credit: SCA 4BK airchecks tape 2, June 1974 – Pete Rudder, Rick Grantley Dur: 24’30”, Mono, 11.4 MB Audio credit: SCA 5AA “Adelaide Is” spot reel – May 11th 1977 (recorded at 2CH) – 40x 20 […]

5AD Sounds Like Summer ID’s – November 11th 1975 Dur: 18’30”, Mono, 8.4 MB Audio credit: ARN 5AD/TM Singers: Rhythm Of The City jingle tape Dur: 3’45”, Stereo, 3.4 MB Audio credit: ARN **This tape seems to have a weird issue with phasing. How you hear it here is how it was recorded. 5KA Life […]