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RIP Doug Mulray

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Sad news to wake up to this morning and we’ve lost another radio guy overnight. Doug Mulray, aka Uncle Doug, The Reverend Doctor Doug, has passed away at 71 years of age. ..and here’s some of Uncle Doug’s audio (I hope EMI/OZ Records won’t mind me taking some material off the albums below). Video material […]

RIP Mike Drayson

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We’ve lost Mike Drayson overnight folks. Terrible news. News of this started coming through around 9pm-ish but it was unconfirmed then – it didn’t take long for confirmation to also come through though. What an absolute bummer. One of the good blokes of the industry who recently picked up where he left off on 99.3 […]

Monday saw news published by Radioinfo that Steve Mummery was heading back to SCA in his new role of Content Strategy Manager, based in Perth. To go along with the story I thought it’d be fun to put up a couple of Steve’s airchecks to go along with the story. Both of these are from […]