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Audio Update 30/04/2021

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2SM “Those Were The Days” segments master – September 24th 1991 Dur: 15’38”, Stereo, 14.3 MB Audio credit: SRN/BOG Download the cuesheet for this tape here (PDF, 571 KB) 2SM SM0419 Tape Copy: John Lennon phoner raw, October 1974 Dur: 40’43”, Mono, 19.0 MB Audio credit: SRN/BOG 2SM SM2335 Tape Copy: Burton Cummings rap for […]

Audio Update 16/04/2021

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2SM SM1947 Tape Copy: Robin Williams Radio Show march 1979 and network promos – Reel 2 Dur: 15’16”, Mono, 7.6 MB Audio credit: SRN/BOG Download the cuesheet for this tape here (PDF, 417 KB) Ken Sparkes various audio tracks Dur: 26’41”, Mono, 12.5 MB Audio credit: KJS 1. The Story Behind The Hits – Colleen […]

Audio Update 09/04/2021


3UZ Spot Reel – Ken Sparkes Dur: 10’07”, Mono, 4.7 MB Audio credit: KJS 1. Marchants (takes 1-3, bed, out) 2. Petite Sophisticates (take 1, 2, 2B, 3, 3B, car leasing) 3. Saibeu Reality (take 1) 4. Marchants with Tiny Tim 5. Marchants (take 1, 2, then remnants of previous recording on tape) 2SM SM1145 […]

Greetings to you and happy easter! This update should’ve gone live a couple of days ago but just like a cart that didn’t fire, so was this update. All fixed now and all audio should be working. Enjoy! 2SM SM4390 Tape Copy: “Twang” segments master mix tape 1 Dur: 37’50”, Mono, 17.7 MB Audio credit: […]

Nova 96.9 FM Sydney turns 20 today! ..and I’ve been digging and came up with these two tracks. The test transmission audio that played as a loop for a couple of weeks in the first track, and then some more test audio and the launch on the second track. Left-click to play or right-click to […]