Hi everyone,

It breaks my heart to have to do this as it’s something I’m quite passionate about, but some financial instability has hit me, and it’s gotten to the point that I now have to try and keep a roof over my head.

As a result of this, every available dollar I have is now going in for me to be able to do that, and that means I have to leave a couple of things behind – one of those is this website.

This site has been a fulfilled dream to me, saving historical Australian radio material wherever possible. However, I also wanted this site to be a point of difference between me and other people and organisations doing the same thing. One or two of these seems to take an interest in saving material, but then once transferred, the new dubs also remain offline. With me it was always transfer material, then present online, and in all cases for free. I seem to have fulfilled that dream with the assistance of a few people who would supply all the wonderful material for me to work on in various formats.

Unfortunately now, I am facing the biggest financial constraint I’ve ever had to face in my existence on this planet – and it’s because of this constraint that I am unable to continue. My webhosting for example runs out on January 20th 2022, and I know I’m not gonna be able to pay for that either.

The site needs about $1K to $2K to keep going and to buy some much needed equipment upgrades in order to be able to transfer audio in the first place, but I have very little chance in raising that right now. I have spoken to a couple of financial institutions and they are in no way interested in helping me with even a small line of credit. I also can’t keep on asking friends for assistance. So there is no alternative left but to close. Even $500 would be a wonderful start at the moment, but where the hell am I gonna get that? It’s impossible.

If by some miracle I do get the funds required by January 20th I will be able to continue and get those much needed upgrades, and to keep on ensuring that you will all still be able to cruise on in and enjoy all this wonderful material week after week. At the moment it’s looking increasingly unlikely I will be able to obtain the funds I need to keep going.

As I say, the webhosting will continue until January 20th as the webhosting is paid up until then, which means friday updates will continue until then, but from that point on, this site, and my dubbing and transferring face a permanent shutdown. It’s heartbreaking as I very much enjoy this work and would dearly love to continue – but the current financial situation dictates I’m unable to continue.

Thankyou all for your support and the many who came through with tapes for me to work on and present online.