**All audio related to this project was dubbed and restored by Frankster at Digi Spells Media, Sydney, June 20th to August 6th 2021. To enable the use of the airchecks intact and not in scoped form, they are presented here for promotional and entertainment purposes only. My thanks to all networks involved, and to David who supplied all the tapes for us to work on and restore.

Gold 1269 (2SM) with Andy Church – May 7th 1994
Dur: 76’07”, Mono, 35.6 MB
Audio credit: SRN/BOG

**@SydneyCityTV has got in touch since this was posted and on this aircheck has heard the positioners “Sydney’s new place to relax” and “Continuous easy favourites”. Gosh oh gee, I wonder where these two were also used! (if you’re outside of Sydney, “Sydney’s new place to relax” was used much later by Smooth 95.3, with “Continuous easy favourites” used by Mix 106.5 and of course 2CH. Well spotted!)

2WS Morning and Afternoon train smash live crosses – December 2nd 1999
Dur: 1 hr 30 min, Stereo, 63.3 MB
Audio credit: ARN

2WS Evenings – October 6th 1999
Dur: 60’48”, Stereo, 42.7 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Gold-FM Restripe
Dur: 56’13”, Stereo, 39.5 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**This tape is a compile of Gold 104.3 station ID’s and other tracks – some are vocals only, some are fully mixed. Along the way are also various beds and promos for Gold 104.3.

2CA with Ray Gretch – February 21st 1994
Dur: 33’31”, Stereo, 23.5 MB
Audio credit: Capital Radio Network

**My thanks to @SydneyCityTV who has come through once again with broadcast dates and who identified this aircheck as being from February 21st 1994. Legend mate!