Noo-UW Audition Tape – Alan McGirvan and Mike Jeffries
Dur: 6’35”, Mono, 3.0 MB

Audio credit: ARN

Go Set Magazine spot reel 1968 – 2x 10 sec, 1x 25 sec – 1968
Dur: 1’40”, Mono, 786 KB

Audio credit: Go Set Publications

2CC First Broadcast – October 31st 1975
Dur: 78’51”, Mono, 36.9 MB

Audio credit: Capital Radio Network
**Audio thanks to John Moulis

2DAY-FM Music Survey no.2 June 1993 – Rob McCasker
Dur: 10’46”, Stereo, 10 MB

Audio credit: SCA

2DAY-FM Skyshow 5 fireworks soundtrack 1993
Dur: 25’11”, Mono, 11.8 MB

Audio credit: SCA

2DAY-FM Pillow Talk with Dr Feelgood 1993 – Medley of idents, promos, themes and airchecks
Dur: 9’59”, Stereo, 9.3 MB

Audio credit: SCA

2GB Macquarie National News bulletin 1984
Dur: 10’20”, Mono, 4.8 MB

Audio credit: Nine Radio
**Mangled tape initially but gets better throughout

2SM Jingles: Roll Over To Our Place and Rock x6
Dur: 2’50”, Stereo, 2.6 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG

2SM Jingles: The Power various idents
Dur: 1’29”, Mono, 698 KB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG

2SM Promo – Moving Pictures dial-a-record
Dur: 0’39”, Mono, 311 KB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG