2SM SM1947 Tape Copy: Robin Williams Radio Show march 1979 and network promos – Reel 2
Dur: 15’16”, Mono, 7.6 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
Download the cuesheet for this tape here (PDF, 417 KB)

Ken Sparkes various audio tracks
Dur: 26’41”, Mono, 12.5 MB

Audio credit: KJS
1. The Story Behind The Hits – Colleen Hewitt
2. The Story Behind The Stars – Ian Anderson
3. Spot: Stewards Rings (takes 1-3)
4. Ellie Lucas Jetline Courses
5. Aywon Shirts (takes 1-3, then partial take recorded over)
6. Neil Diamond track
7. Interview bit with music
8. Music with samples at start (Joe Cocker)
9. Ken Sparkes imitation voiceovers

Ken Sparkes various audio tracks 1968
Dur: 37’21”, Mono, 17.5 MB

Audio credit: KJS
1. Ken Sparkes vocal jingles
2. Spot: Kent Cigarettes (takes 1-3)
3. Spot: Susan Johnston (take 1-2)
4. Spot: Formal Wear (take 1-2)
5. Ken Sparkes demo reel
6. Phone FX
7. Interview with The Music Explosion
8. Spot: Marchants (take 1-2, 3-edited, 4-5)
9. Spot: Formal Wear (take 3-4)
10. Spot: Kent Cigarettes (take 4-6)
11. Spot: Marchants (take 6-7)
12. Spot: Formal Wear (take 5-7)

Beach Boys: “Endless Summer” special, Reel 1 – Ken Sparkes
Dur: 25’09”, Mono, 11.7 MB

Audio credit: KJS

2SM Aircheck 1976 – Bob Rogers
Dur: 40’05”, Mono, 18.7 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG

2SM Big Christmas Gig rock concert at Brookvale Oval, Sydney (1970’s)
Dur: 49’34”, Mono, 23.2 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
Tape contains performances from Hush, the La De Das, Ted Mulry and others

5DN Aircheck 1976 – Paul Konik
Dur: 63’42”, Mono, 29.8 MB

Audio credit: ARN

2SM History File: Misc tape 4
Dur: 15’12”, Mono, 7.1 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
1. Radio 2SM received 1971 Bank of NSW award for community services following papal tour
2. Qantas bomb hoax
3. End of american rnr leave in australia 5/1/72
4. Reports from Ireland re fighting during early part of 1972.

2SM History File: Sport tape 1
Dur: 46’33”, Mono, 21.8 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
Melbourne Cup 1960/1962/1963, Last few minutes of 1963 league grand final (St George/Wests), part of second half of 1963 test (aus/england), Melbourne Cup 1964, last few minutes of 1964 league grand final (St George/Balmain), Dawn Fraser 1964 winning gold medal, Melbourne Cup 1965, closing stages of 1965 league grand final (St George/Souths), First man to sail around the globe, Cassius Clay defeats Henry Cooper 1966, Melbourne Cup 1966, last six minutes of league grand final 1966 (St George/Balmain).

2SM Dubbed Off Cart master Group 2
Dur: 26’26”, Stereo,

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
Download the cuesheet for this tape here (PDF, 608 KB)