Greetings to you and happy easter! This update should’ve gone live a couple of days ago but just like a cart that didn’t fire, so was this update. All fixed now and all audio should be working. Enjoy!

2SM SM4390 Tape Copy: “Twang” segments master mix tape 1
Dur: 37’50”, Mono, 17.7 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
**This tape has a cuesheet and you can get it from here (PDF, 539 KB)

3UZ News (Clive Waters) and The Ken Sparkes Show
Dur: 34’36”, Mono, 16.2 MB

Audio credit: HRV

2SM SM1573 Tape Copy: Ray Stevens and Macca brekky dropin’s – June 2nd 1976
Dur: 31’02”, Mono, 14.5 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG

3UZ: 1974 Fosters spot (takes 1-4), followed by Happy New Year compile
Dur: 6’26”, Mono, 3.0 MB

Audio credit: HRV

Ken Sparkes commercials master reel
Dur: 9’14”, Mono, 4.3 MB

Audio credit: KJS Enterprises
**Tape contains various takes for Solarbar Sunguard (version 1 – take 1, 2, 3-out, 4 vers.1, take 1, 2-out, 3 vers. 2, SB Track 1 take 1-2, SB Track 1 take 1, SB final track take 1, SB2 take 1-out, 2)

2SM SM2127 Tape Copy: ABBA interview bits Reel 1
Dur: 13’42”, Mono, 6.4 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG

7HO Tape Reel #174: Rod Muir radio audition tape 1967
Dur: 18’03”, Mono, 8.4 MB

Audio credit: Not known

2SM History File Tape #58 – February to May 1978 inclusive
Dur: 47’45”, Mono, 22.3 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG
Feb: Hilton bombing/Ali loses boxing crown to Spinks
Mar: Sir John Kerr signs UNESCO position, South Moluccan seige
Apr: Royal Commission NSW prisions, Jockey Smith charged with Tidmarsh murder
May: Sir Robert Menzies dies, Italian premier Moro’s body found

2SM SM2128 Tape Copy: ABBA interview bits Reel 2
Dur: 6’38”, Mono, 3.1 MB

Audio credit: SRN/BOG

3UZ Ken Sparkes: “Elvis The Pelvis” special
Dur: 26’59”, Mono, 12.6 MB

Audio credit: HRV