10 more clips this week! Copyright lies with their respective owners.

**PLEASE NOTE: These clips have come to me from a variety of sources, including from my own collection. As some send in clips for me to feature on this site, it’s entirely possible that if any of these clips are yours that you haven’t been credited for their use. If this has happened, leave us a comment below with which videos are yours and you’ll be credited next update.

2CH with John Poole
2CH Stereo 1170
2DAY-FM Better Music
2GB: The hotspot on the AM band
2UW Bazz ‘n’ Pilko
2UW with Ron E Sparks
7EX Morning Show
AAMI “We keep our promises” campaign
Abbot’s Lager (B/W)
Add Wash with Judy Nunn

**NOTE: The AAMI clip ends with a phone number – this is old information and is no longer valid.
**NOTE: I’m aware the 2UW clips has a bad AR. I’m onto it.

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