Shoutout to Matthew who wrote to us last week and wondered if we had any 5AD 80’s material. Matt, it seems we’re a bit thin on the ground there, we mostly just have mid to late 70’s 5AD – that said, I did find these couple of tracks and I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for writing!

(Audio credit for all these tracks: ARN)
5AD: Donna Summer “The Hot Ones” promos x4, 1983
Dur: 2’59”, 7.0 MB, Stereo

5AD: Ian Macrae final show, Tapes 1 and 2, April 1984
Tape 1 Dur: 1 hr 29 min, 84 MB, Stereo
Tape 2 Dur: 1 hr 30 min, 84 MB, Stereo