3XY: The best of Kick To Kick 1988-1989
Dur: 1 hr 32 min, 36.8 MB, Mono
Audio credit: AWA Limited

3XY: The best of Punter To Punter 1988-1989
Dur: 1 hr 33 min, 37.2 MB, Mono
Audio credit: AWA Limited

2DAY-FM Sydney jingles cassette
Dur: 11’44”, 11.0 MB, Stereo
Audio credit: SCA
**Thanks to Cherie Romaro – this is a cassette dub of early 2DAY-FM jingles. There are 8 of them in various styles.

2OO Aircheck: Dave D Whitcomb – August 17th 1979
Dur: 1 hr 8 min, 28.2 MB, Mono
Audio credit: WIN Corp
**This is a partial transfer due to severe tape damage.

2UW Aircheck: Dave D Whitcomb – May 13th 1977
Dur: 61’47”, 25.3 MB, Mono
Audio credit: ARN

**and a special audio clip this week, I just had to present this after discovering it on a bunch of tapes I received in 2016**

Slim Newton: What is it that’s *bleeping* our country
Dur: 3’10”, 4.8 MB, Stereo
Audio credit: Hadley Records (no relation to Ray Hadley)