3XY 1422/93.9 Bay-FM Simulcast Tapes
**Please note: Any editing heard on these tapes was made by the person who owned these tapes before passing them over to me – we are presenting these tapes intact, end to end. All stock was TDK AD.

Cassette 6
Dur: 90’45”, Stereo, 83.1 MB

Cassette 7
Dur: 91’57”, Stereo, 84.1 MB

Cassette 8
Dur: 92’02”, Stereo, 84.2 MB

Cassette 9
Dur: 92’12”, Stereo, 84.4 MB

Cassette 10 (includes some of “The Refinery Beach Party”)
Dur: 92’36”, Stereo, 84.7 MB