A mixed bag of stuff for you this week, a.k.a. random stuff from the vault!
Audio credits: ARN, Seven West Media Limited, Ten Network Holdings/Paramount Global, Church of Jesus Christ

2WS Test Transmission audio Part 1 – May 1993
Dur: 31’25”, 22.1 MB, Stereo

**This is one of a few loops of test audio Sydney’s 2WS ran on their 101.7 FM frequency a month before they converted from AM to FM. That mains hum was broadcast along with the audio too! The next track has a little less hum but a bit of a channel imbalance happening.

2WS Test Transmission audio Part 2 – May 1993
Dur: 30’55”, 21.7 MB, Stereo

7 Audio Reel: Goanna beds
Dur: 6’17”, 4.6 MB, Mono

**In 2007 while browsing Ebay I came across a couple of audio reels being sold with “7 Audio” stickers on the reels themselves. I snapped them up, and this is one of them – a reel of two bed tracks for Goanna’s “Solid Rock” and “Common Ground” – unfortunately they’re in glorious mono…

7 Audio Reel: Tonight Live with Steve Vizard 23/5/90
Dur: 21’03”, 15.0 MB, Stereo

**This was the next 7 Audio reel. Seems to be a tape recorded in-audience of part of an episode of Tonight Live with Steve Vizard!

Channel 10 Sydney: ARL Footy Beds tape
Dur: 4’53”, 3.4 MB, Mono

**A tape of beds dubbed from an audio reel of Channel 10 Sydney for use during their footy broadcasts. I vaguely remember the second bed being used after teams scored tries and the like in the 80’s.

The Mormons: “Bounce Back” cassette
Dur: 21’21”, 15.2 MB, Stereo

**What a classic. I was amazed I still had a copy! This tape was distributed to letterboxes in various areas in 1986 by The Mormons (The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints) – I remember there was also a TV campaign that went with it. From 1986, the cheapest tape stock and less than ideal storage conditions rendered it a bit of a mess, but thought I’d include it anyway for the hell of it.