Well, bit of a surprise really. I wasn’t expecting to be back for a long while, but things have improved.

A few things I had to let go of a couple of weeks back, and as some of you may know, one of those was my website and efforts in AV restoration and all.

Well talk about being bitten by the bug.

I’ve found it hard to even just move on with my life because the site and the other stuff was part of my routine – without them I’ve had a really tough time trying to move forward and find a purpose with my life.

Honestly, take it from me – when things go bad, as they will, try and find the strength to keep going. I went the other way. Didn’t wanna know anything, anyone, etc etc. It wasn’t a good way to go. I found myself even more of a wreck than I was before I got rid of things. Things I really enjoyed doing, things I really loved doing.

I need to basically keep busy. Aside from my dog’s passing and problems I’ve had with my eyes (I’ve had conjunctivits in both which turned into blepharitis and I had to get treated, in fact my next treatment is mid next week), and on top of all this, my sister has had a malignant breast cancer diagnosis that she’s trying to get treatment for (she’s been back and forth to a cancer centre and so far all they seem to be doing is running tests – the operation for her should’ve actually taken place by now!). So we both are back there tomorrow and we’re gonna find out what the hell is going on.

As you can imagine this alone is screwing the living crap out of our savings so a friend of hers has set up a Gofundme to help with costs involved in going back and forth to treatment, tests and whatnot. The link to this is below, if you’d like to give us a hand its neither required nor expected of you but it will help. The link is https://gofund.me/4e966964

While we’re here can I say a very big thankyou to those of you who donated to getting my little buddy Rexy’s medical bills sorted earlier this year! It’s just been one thing after another this year, get over one thing, and then another thing pops up.

Thanks also to my webhost VentraIP who restored things in record time. Site currently has no audio or video but there will be updates very soon.

…and thanks to YOU for continuing to visit and the wonderful support! Standby, we’ll be back with updates shortly.