**Aircheck audio supplied by David Rogerson and dubbed and mastered by Frankster

DMG/Nova 96.9 Test Transmission Day 1 – May 25th 2001
Dur: 1 hr 31 min, Stereo, 127 MB
Audio credit: DMG

**Note: This aircheck is at 192 kbps to preserve the sweep tones broadcast throughout

2AY-FM Undated
Dur: 29’56”, Stereo, 21 MB
Audio credit: Ace Radio

Gold 104 Undated
Dur: 29’50”, Stereo, 21 MB
Audio credit: ARN

2WS Breakfast with Hans ‘n’ Kayley – September 29th 2000
Dur: 61’21”, Stereo, 43.2 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Gold 104.3 FM with Mardi Heagney – August 9th 2000
Dur: 5’23”, Stereo, 3.7 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**This may be more a demo tape than an aircheck, but it’s included here for its’ historical significance

2WS Evenings with Simon Carey – February 5th 2001
Dur: 1 hr 31 min, Stereo, 64.2 MB
Audio credit: ARN