Word came through earlier this evening courtesy of Radioinfo that Jaan (John) Torv had passed away. I was absolutely saddened to hear this news, I’m a big fan of his work and what better way to tribute him than to compile this post.

This contains various pieces of his work I’ve collected over the years in both video and audio form. Unfortunately we’re a bit light on of John’s taped history but hope you enjoy the following pieces – he will be unbelievably missed. RIP Jaan and thankyou.

John Torv’s Music Video – 1985 edition – 30 MB, 1’15”
This is a great one, John reading an ad for Mode, in tandem with a fashion house, and appearing to look like he was having great fun doing it too.
Grab it from here

The National Olympic Telethon with John Torv – 1984 – 190 MB, 8’16”
Some bits and pieces from the Ten Network’s “National Olympic Telethon” from 1984 here with John hosting.
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2SM Nostradamus One – 1977 – Segment 1
John behind the mike here at 2SM presenting Nostradamus One from 1977.
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2SM Rocktober Presentation Tape
A presentation tape here for 2SM’s Rocktober promotions with John at the helm – 1975.
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