**All audio related to this project was dubbed and restored by Frankster at Digi Spells Media, Sydney in 2020 and 2021. This audio is provided for promotional and entertainment purposes only. Thankyou to James Sparkes for supplying all material for us to work on and restore.

Ken Sparkes interviews Johnny Chester and Ross Wilson
Dur: 19’06”, Mono, 8.9 MB
Audio credit: KJS Enterprises

2SM Lite ‘n’ Easy/Sydney’s Music jingles
Dur: 12’11”, Stereo, 8.5 MB
Audio credit: SRN/BOG

**This tape has cuesheets. Page 1 is here and page 2 is here

2SM More Music jingle package – January 17th 1992
Dur: 5’05”, Stereo, 3.5 MB
Audio credit: SRN/BOG

2WS B’fast Tape – July 27th 1981
Dur: 14’25”, Mono, 10.1 MB
Audio credit: ARN

**Looking closer at this one it seems to be a tape of interviews recorded by Ken, presumably for use on his “Rock Around The World/Sparkes On Sunday” shows.

3UZ: The Ken Sparkes Show 1965-1967 bits ‘n’ pieces tape
Dur: 24’40”, Mono, 11.5 MB
Audio credit: RSN

EMI National Advertising: Gilbert O’ Sullivan – 4th LP Track By Track interview
Dur: 19’13”, Mono, 12.2 MB
Audio credit: EMI/Studios 301 Sydney