**EDIT 3/2/22 7.54pm**
We have now setup and installed a great video player for this site and the videos will return tomorrow morning, February 4th at 12.02am AEDST, a minute after the airchecks go online at 12.01am AEDST. Thanks for your patience!

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately we’ve hit a snag. Our video hosting provider, Vimeo, has decided to remove our account for, and I quote:

Reason: We do not permit accounts that upload rips of movies, music, television, viral videos, or any other content that the users did not create.

So these will remain offline until we sort out a decent wordpress video player for this site, and once we do, we’ll be reuploading them locally. Sorry gang. The airchecks are unaffected and will be online as usual tomorrow morning, February 4th at 12.01am AEDST.