Well folks, decision made.

It’s a sad thing, but I can’t compete. There’s too many others doing exactly the same thing – video archiving – there’s nothing unique or exciting about it anymore for me. Lately, I’m like “hey this is awesome! Can’t wait to share this online for others!!” – but then I look around, and there’s people also with dubs of the same content, and to put up my copy when there’s lots of others with the same thing is just wasting time. My greatest strength is audio. Always has been, and always will be.

The video side started when I bought a couple of second-hand video machines years ago and started keeping content. Then when net speeds improved, I started putting stuff online. But since then, there’s many people who are also doing the same thing, and for me there’s no real point to keep going now. I’m more or less passing on the baton to those who continue to do some great work and find the most incredible stuff (and make no mistake, their finds are absolutely AWESOME!) – I just don’t really see the point in me continuing that side of things when the stuff I have has already been uploaded by others from their own collections – it just results in duplicate content and wasted time and effort.

So I’m going back to my roots, which as I said has been audio, and always will be audio – recording, mastering, transfer, online, restoration and recovery of older material and what not.

The video side? Over to you 🙂