**NOTE: Please get in touch if any of these clips are yours and of which I haven’t given you due credit for as it’s possible I’ve lost who some of these belong to, if any.

Video Compile 20/09/2019
Format: MP4, 512 kbps, 480 x 376, Mono Audio except * (Stereo)
Dur: 6’07”
Download (36.6 MB)

**Many thanks to Chris Keating for cuts 1, 2, 5 and 7!**

This compile contains the following cuts:

1. AFX Monte Carlo slot-cars
2. AFX national speedsters slot-cars
3. AGC Australian Guarantee
4. Air New Zealand
5. Air O Zone
6. Ajax Cleanser
7. Ajax Washing Powder
8. Ajax Floor Cleaners
9. Alcan Home Improvements (1981)
10. Alcan ‘we are the boys from alcan’